Tokyo Food

A large interest (apart from the photography) of my terse visit to Tokyo was for its food! I too often forget to take photos of the table before a meal, but here are some that I captured.

First Dinner (accompanied by one of my friends from university :) First Dinner

Drinks afterwards at a high rise bar Drinks

And then I learned that it’s very traditional to end a night out with friends with a bowl of ramen. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any Michelin Guide ramen this trip, but will definitely be back to Japan. Ramen

I met a traveler from the Netherlands while grabbing dinner on my second day, he joined me afterwards for some tea! This spot also happened to be my university friend’s partner’s favorite tea spot (that I had separately found). Tea

I tried okonomiyaki, definitely a large meal for one (even by my portion standards) Okonomiyaki

And for my last dinner, I met back up with my friend from university. We enjoyed omakase and afterwards dessert at a Jonathan’s. He put together a nice album (with a fun video)! Omakase

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