Hi 👋🏽, thanks for stopping by! I’m a network software engineer at SpaceX where I work on the Starlink satellite internet constellation! I’m on the laser topology team, and work closely with the laser mesh routing team. I recently finished graduate school at UC Berkeley where I was advised by Scott Shenker in the NetSys Lab. I find interest in many facets of high tech, but have a particular curiosity when it comes to computer networks and hardware, operating systems, and network security. Non-academically, I have find an interest in cars, especially with the new and more sustainable approaches many manufacturers are picking up today, and hobby photography. If I’m not building my next project, you can probably find me hiking or climbing!


  • UC Berkeley Master of Science - MS, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 2023
  • UC Berkeley Bachelor of Science - BS, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 2022

Industry Experience

  • SpaceX Network Software Engineer (Sunnyvale) Present: Starlink laser mesh routing and traffic engineering. Laser topology scheduling and optimization.
  • Tesla Firmware Engineering Intern (Palo Alto) Summer 2022: Onboard Vehicle Charging Team, embedded software development.
  • Nvidia Systems & Power Engineering Intern (Santa Clara) Summer 2021: GPU electrical / board design team.
  • Nvidia Electrical Engineering Intern (Santa Clara) Summer 2020: Post silicon bring-up and characterization of digital clock circuits (DVFS).
  • Apollo Fusion Engineering Intern (Mountain View) Summer 2019: Performance testing and qualification of the electrical and battery systems

Academic Research

  • Extensible Internet
  • CellBricks
  • AlphaGarden



  • Hiking & backpacking
  • Climbing (indoor and outdoor)
  • Photograhpy (Nikon shooter)
  • Woodworking
  • Running a home server
  • Playing a mountain dulcimer

University Orgs (former):

  • IEEE Student Branch at UC Berkeley: Senior Advisor
  • Berkeley Hyperloop: Signals and Controls Co-Lead